Eastern Real Estate

Read the case study on how Eastern Real Estate boosted its investment process with Altrio, leading to significant gains in efficiency.

Eastern Real Estate is a privately held commercial real estate firm with 30+ years of experience, having developed and operated more than 100 projects, totaling over $5 billion.

Eastern deploys a creative and entrepreneurial investment approach to unlock potential across property types to deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders. 


In 2022, Toby Banta, the Executive Managing Director at Eastern Real Estate, initiated a comprehensive review of their investment process involving the entire team. The objective was to identify areas that could be enhanced and optimized for efficiency. With a large active pipeline, the acquisitions team was looking for ways to centralize and automate their deal screening efforts. The existing manual screening process, relying heavily on Excel, was time-consuming and placed limits on the number of deals the team could evaluate at any given time.

Origin Solution

Origin’s ability to extract deal and asset information from offering memorandums, excel models, rent rolls, and more, eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving Eastern’s team valuable time when reviewing new investment opportunities.

Every deal sent to Origin, whether pursued or not, became a valuable addition to Eastern’s proprietary comparables database that could be used to enhance the underwriting of future deals.

Altrio’s data privacy policies and industry-leading information security measures ensured that this valuable information was protected and made available only to Eastern’s team.


Origin gave Eastern a tool to quickly screen deals across asset types, allowing them to focus on the best opportunities and filter out the noise. This enabled Eastern to increase its deal flow without increasing headcount.

The ability to quickly aggregate and share market intelligence extracted from deal documents allowed Eastern to speed up their underwriting, while improving confidence in their assumptions.

Origin is a platform that allows us to maintain the same acquisitions cadence while increasing efficiency in our screening process. We can make quicker decisions on which deals to pursue, while also having the ability to review passed deals, sale comparables, and the rationale behind our decision making. Storing the historical data and establishing connections to previous efforts allows us immediate insight and precision."

Sam Campbell, Vice President at Eastern.

By The Numbers

422.8% Growth in market intelligence records

(combination of tracked deals, sales comparables, lease comparables & unit mix comparables)

11.1% Growth of annual pipeline volume

(in a historically down market)