Introduce Efficiency and Process
to your Divestment Activities

Enhance your divestment process with robust workflows, centralized access to all necessary documentation and reporting tools that keep your team aligned.

Boost Sale Confidence and Disposition Efficiency

Support your decision to sell with robust market insights and comparables to substantiate your decisions to key stakeholders. Streamline your access to necessary documentation and track buyer engagement.

Capabilities That Drive
Dispositions Success

Systematize Your Dispositions Process

Leverage disposition workflows that automate task assignment upon creating a disposition deal. Centralize tracking of tasks and key dates, and use completion notifications to ensure each step is managed effectively as you move to market.

All Of Your Data In One Place

With Origin, all of your owned asset data and documents are centralized and readily available to use. This immediate access to well-organized information significantly speeds up the disposition process, avoiding any unnecessary delays in getting the property ready for sale.

    Comps At Your Fingertips

    With a centralized comp database, you gain unparalleled insight into the markets where your assets reside. This understanding is key to identifying market cycles and pricing your asset correctly for sale. The data also facilitates efficient benchmarking against historical transactions.

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      With Origin, we are able to leverage our data to derive key insights about real estate investment opportunities across our global business. Since adopting Origin, we spend our time more efficiently when analyze opportunities and collaborate more easily with our global team.

      Graham Russell
      Vice President, Americas
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