Brookfield Properties

Discover how Brookfield Properties leveraged Altrio's solutions to streamline their real estate operations and enhance decision-making.

Brookfield Properties develops and operates real estate investments on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management — one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world. From office to retail, logistics to multifamily, and hospitality to development, Brookfield Properties works across sectors to bring high-quality, sustainable real estate to life around the globe every day.

With real estate assets and affiliated investment professionals across the globe, Brookfield Properties needed a way to streamline collaboration and deal tracking to maximize the efficiency of their investment process. With an active investment pipeline spanning thirty countries and all institutional asset classes, any technology solution would need to be both flexible and robust in order to deliver business improvements at scale.

These requirements led Brookfield Properties to partner with Altrio to implement the Origin platform for their team, giving them a technology and information advantage in acquiring, and developing high-quality assets.


Brookfield Properties’ affiliates have large, geographically-distributed teams of investment professionals who work together on an active pipeline of opportunities. However, there was no single tool or process for managing the investment process across all regions and sectors. Coordination and standardization were key challenges. They wanted to standardize and automate key aspects of their investment tracking and reporting processes so that teams could spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on getting deals done.

In addition, Brookfield Properties saw an opportunity to better leverage its vast proprietary market knowledge, but they did not have a single, central system for warehousing deal, asset, underwriting, and lease information. As a result, mining that proprietary trove of data was often an onerous, time-consuming process.

Origin Solution

“Every deal requires collaboration between numerous teams. Before Origin, we used spreadsheets and email chains to keep teams aligned. Even within teams, different regions were maintaining their data in silos. With Origin, we unified all of this data into one shared source of truth. We can move faster, automate the inefficient processes, and focus our efforts where they matter most - winning the best deals.” 

— Derrick Perkins, Vice President, Brookfield Properties Logistics

Today, investment professionals across the globe have real-time access to all current and historic deals in their pipeline. They can use this data set to inform investment decisions and work more efficiently.

Deal officers save time by using Origin to generate reports automatically rather than manually, freeing them from the need to maintain numerous clunky Excel spreadsheets. Origin ingests data from marketing files and underwriting models behind the scenes so that investment stakeholders across the organization can access it easily. It frees up time for investment professionals to spend more time building relationships in the market, identifying opportunities, and closing investments.

Routine tasks are not only faster. Brookfield Properties’ affiliated deal teams also have easier access to more consolidated data. Analysts have more information than ever at their fingertips, using Origin as a unified data warehouse. They can look across tens of thousands of sales and lease comps, and hundreds of historic underwriting models to assess the markets where they operate. They can make underwriting assumptions with more detailed information, accessible with just a few clicks.

Origin also gives leadership teams something essential—peace of mind. They know that their investment teams are following a consistent set of processes and tracking a consistent set of deal metrics. That information flows through to legal, finance, and operations teams, ensuring the necessary compliance and approvals while deals get done. Beyond the investment team, everyone involved in a transaction can focus on their work rather than chasing coworkers for the information or checking to confirm that proper approvals are in place.


With Origin, Brookfield Properties is moving faster, operating more efficiently, and better leveraging their massive data resources to source and close deals more quickly than competitors. Origin gives every stakeholder—deal teams, operational teams, and senior management—the advantages they need to gain an edge and win.