optimize lending processes
with better data and automation

Eliminate manual, redundant tasks that stall deals. Build your top of the funnel and maintain momentum via automated deal screening and CRM tools that track key activities with borrowers.

Elevate Your Lending Processes

Automate mundane loan screening tasks. Implement workflow templates to ensure everyone on your team is following your processes. And tap into a robust comp database for better informed underwriting and lending decisions. From CRM capabilities for tracking borrowers to impactful deal summary templates for sharing with your credit committee or third-party stakeholders, Origin is an end-to-end solution that drives efficiencies at every step.

Capabilities That Drive
Lending Success

Streamline Deal Screening

Configure your screening pipeline specific to your unique lending criteria. Apply your thresholds for loan amount, loan-to-value (LTV), loan-to-cost (LTC), loan type, or other specific characteristics. Origin automatically extracts the relevant data and can calculate how a deal aligns with your unique investment strategies.

Configure Workflows To Simplify Processes

Build consistency into your lending process with tailored workflows for each type of loan. Consolidate task lists and reminders to ensure nothing is missed. Ensure due diligence is conducted before committing to terms. And always have a clear view of the stage of every loan across your entire team for full accountability.

    Better Manage Your Lending Relationships

    Centralize your relationship management. Associate companies and contacts to deals. Track borrower interactions, including calls, meetings, and emails. Origin makes it easy to have a complete view of your relationships and drill down into specific conversations related to any deal.

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      With Origin, we are able to leverage our data to derive key insights about real estate investment opportunities across our global business. Since adopting Origin, we spend our time more efficiently when analyze opportunities and collaborate more easily with our global team.

      Graham Russell
      Vice President, Americas
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