Centralize Deal and investor data

Simplify capital raising with a unified platform that allows you to track investor interactions across deals, create impactful investment presentations and answer diligence questions quickly.

Target The Right Investors For The Right Deals

Keep track of what investors are looking for and how they responded to previous opportunities and tailor your outreach for maximum effect.

Capabilities That Drive
Capital Raising Success

Proactively Manage Investor Relationships

Easily log calls, emails and meetings with investors so that you always know where you stand. Track their status, feedback and allocation requests for every deal you bring to them to refine your future outreach.

Quickly And Accurately Respond To Investor Questions

Delight current and future investors by responding to due diligence and ad hoc questions with impressive speed and accuracy. With Origin, key stats about your deal flow, track record, and portfolio composition are always at your fingertips.

    Present Every Opportunity In Its Best Light

    Generate investor ready deal overviews quickly and easily by leveraging Origin’s powerful automation, data management, and reporting capabilities.

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    With Origin, we are able to leverage our data to derive key insights about real estate investment opportunities across our global business. Since adopting Origin, we spend our time more efficiently when analyze opportunities and collaborate more easily with our global team.

    Graham Russell
    Vice President, Americas
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