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Inefficiencies are dragging down your deal flow—data scattered across emails, spreadsheets and shared drives, tedious manual processes. Accessing multiple systems for information is inefficient.

The Origin platform changes that by centralizing all of your proprietary data and automating many parts of your investment process.

Whether you want to improve how you source, screen, underwrite, or monitor deals, Origin saves time and empowers you to work smarter.

Automation Accelerates Deal Velocity

Origin eliminates mundane, manual activities that consume time that could be dedicated to deeper analysis or more strategic deal management. Free your frontline deal team members from rote tasks to unlock their true potential.

Data Drives Conviction

When valuable data is spread across personal inboxes and a slew of different documents, it's virtually impossible to access when you need it. Origin allows investors to effortlessly convert their proprietary market data from unstructured, unusable formats into a structured, searchable database. Harness information faster. Boost bidding success rate. And drive underwriting confidence with the power of your data.

Systematize Your Unique Approach

Your approach to screening, underwriting, and performing due diligence is uniquely your own. And it gives you an edge. With Origin, you can ensure that everyone on your team consistently applies that unique approach to all of your deals. Make the most of your process advantage.

BuilT by real estate experts

The Origin platform was created based on decades of real estate experience and expertise. We've worked with many of the world's leading real estate investment teams and understand the information and capabilities you need to succeed.

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Get fast access to accurate deal data and finish underwriting before other investors have finished reading the OM.
Consolidated deal pipelines with automated deal creation and updates
A unified, searchable comparables database generated by your deal flow
A shared view of every task on every deal ensures that nothing falls through the cracks
Complete Deal Overview
Complete Deal Overview
Detailed Asset, Lease and Cost Data
Propiretary Comps Database

API Integration

Access the valuable store of data in Origin via our robust, easy to use REST API.

Security and Privacy

Your information is protected by industry leading tools and practices trusted by the world's largest institutions


With 99.97% uptime since launch, you can count on Origin being there when you need it.

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