Scarp Ridge Capital Partners

Scarp Ridge Capital Partners (“Scarp Ridge” or “SRC”) was founded by Greg Rush. He and other Scarp Ridge partners have a collective experience of over 100 years in real estate investing. Their focus is investing in operating intensive real estate asset classes capitalizing on the Scarp Ridge principals' extensive investing and operating experience and relationships with a focus on senior housing and hospitality.


As a new company, their small team size presented great advantages - the partners can be more agile in their decision making to quickly identify and pursue the best opportunities. However, small size is a double-edged sword - the sheer volume of opportunities SRC is able to source can present a challenge to process and prioritize for small teams. The partners needed to dedicate their time to what they do best - leveraging decades of industry experience and relationships to quickly identify and win the best deals. To help the team maximize its efficiency and effectiveness, they needed a partner and solution that allowed them to manage and leverage all their deal information - both opportunities in their pipeline and in the market in general - while reducing time invested in data entry and reporting overhead. 

The Scarp Ridge team needed a solution which could provide the ability to: 

  • Track the team’s deal flow in an interface that is easy to navigate, maintain and is user friendly
  • Effectively track data on deals in the market enabling Scarp Ridge to catalogue and building a database of opportunities pursued and not pursued to provide robust comparable analysis.
  • Easily mine and access any deal related information to avoid sifting through old emails and files.
  • Limit time spent on any manual data entry and reporting.
Scarp Ridge invests in people first and real estate investing is a people intensive business. We needed a solution that would make our team more efficient and effective to manage and prioritize our pipeline and allow us to focus our resources and efforts developing relationships and executing on the best investment opportunities for our partners. Having access to a database that is easy to work with including robust and accurate data allows us to make better investment decisions. Not having to spend time on data entry, updating reports, or searching through old documents for deal related information frees up our team to source and execute on more opportunities". 

— Greg Rush, Founder and Managing Partner

Origin Solution

Scarp Ridge now manages all pipeline and market data, across their Senior Housing and Hospitality portfolios, in one unified platform - Origin.  

Across both sectors, Scarp Ridge leverages Origin’s Data Service to automatically extract deal and asset data from files they receive from sellers and brokers - OMs, teasers, rent rolls, historical financials, and more. 

Once extracted, incoming data automatically populates Scarp Ridge’s pipeline and market database - tracking everything from transaction data to key property level data, unit mixes, and historical financial statements for each asset. Team members can quickly prioritize and move deals on and off the pipeline, track their deals throughout the investment process, and manage all their deal data, documents, and to-dos in one unified system. As more deals are entered into the Origin database, the more robust data and information SRC has access to as it compares deal metrics across transactions.

“Origin by Altrio has proven itself to be an incredibly useful tool for compiling and organizing our firm’s investment pipeline.  The ability to populate a few basic deal markers into the site, attach the OM, and return to a fully populated deal profile saves me hours of data entry that would otherwise take me away for lead generation and deal underwriting.  The ability to customize input categories within the site has allowed us to see exactly what’s important to leadership for our deal discussions, and the efficiencies that this tool has driven have proven critical for our start-up investment firm.”

— Alex Grant, Real Estate Acquisitions

The Scarp Ridge team now has one centralized source of truth. No more emailing excel sheets around for updates. No more sifting through files and emails to keep track of the opportunities in the market. No more sifting through old underwriting models to find historic assumptions. The team saves time on the lower value activities - data entry and reporting - to focus their energy on the most valuable priorities - making the right decisions with the data and pursuing the best opportunities.

I save hours of time on data entry and reporting.  With the ability to build our database by simply forwarding in files, we now have more information at our fingertips than ever before - Allowing us to make the best investment decisions, without requiring a large team to maintain this advantage".

Michael Travers, Vice President

By The Numbers

Team Capacity: 400% Increase in deal tracked (both pipeline and market comparables).

Operational Efficiency: 15 hours a week saved - combines time saved on data entry, and searching/leveraging data in a unified platform. Over 420 hours saved in Q1 & Q2 ‘22 alone.

15-20% increase in team efficiency based on time saved.

Files Processing Capacity: Over 9,000+ detailed records added to the database in Q1 & Q2. Records can be a new deal, asset, lease, operating expense comp, etc.