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Origin by Altrio - best real estate investing platform

Maximize your information advantage.

You’ve built a powerful network and amassed a trove of market knowledge, but extracting the insights you need can be challenging. Information is often buried in spreadsheets or emails, making it impossible to access it quickly. Origin effortlessly extracts deal information from documents and emails and puts everything you need to know about deals, assets, companies, and markets at your fingertips, making origin the best real estate investment management software.
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Screen deals faster.

Faster real estate investment decisions drive better portfolio returns. You need to put your insights to work quickly so you know when to pass fast and when to push forward. Our real estate analysis software makes your deal screening and underwriting more efficient by bringing the right data and insights into your process early on.
Automate your real estate deal flow from screening to closing
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Automate information flows.

Stop spending countless hours inputting data into spreadsheets and sending update emails. With Origin, you can give your entire team instant access to accurate, up-to-date deal information so everyone is on the same page. Plus, by automatically extracting data and insights from emails, existing documentation, and other sources, Origin keeps you focused on the work of moving deals forward. Our real estate deal management platform will help you automate the deal pipeline for screening to closing.
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Manage investments through their full lifecycle.

Origin makes it easy to track your investments from initial screen to final disposition. Forecast the impact of purchases and sales on your complete portfolio and capital position. View your pipeline and owned assets from the perspective of funds, joint-ventures, and other portfolios.
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Collaborate effortlessly across your team.

Keeping everyone on the same page about deal progress can be a tedious process. Origin changes that. Now your teams can work together, smarter. With powerful collaboration and workflow management features, everyone is aligned without duplicating efforts. Reminders keep important tasks and deadlines top of mind. Origin is a leading real estate deal management software for institutional investors and professional regional investors.
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Optimize your investment process.

It can be difficult to identify where deals are being held up and what can be improved in your deal screening process if you are not tracking the relevant data. Origin provides insights and reports on your deal process so you can identify bottlenecks and build continuous improvement into your team’s DNA.
real estate deal pipeline automation tool
deal pipeline management tool

Manage complexity with simplicity.

Whether you’re a small team managing a local portfolio or a global institution in need of a robust solution including foreign exchange, custom integrations, enterprise security, and in-depth reporting, Origin is everything you need in an easy-to-use platform fully aligned with the way you work.

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