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Deal Analytics

Our real estate analytics software provides you with actionable insights on your investment opportunities. With Origin, you can easily mine past deals for future insights. Quickly find and compare deals with similar features such as key tenants, property size, geographic location, asset type, etc.
Real Estate Deal Pipeline Management Software
Real Estate Deal Pipeline Management Software

Market Analytics

Origin seamlessly integrates market data and insights into your investment process so you have the demographic, economic, and environmental information you need at the right time and in the right format for your investment analysis.
real estate deal analytics tool

Investment Performance Analytics

To optimize your investment performance, you have to identify and fix bottlenecks – whether that’s not enough deals at the top at the top of the funnel or a function of your process slowing things down. With our real estate deal analysis software you have information about each step, who’s involved, how long it takes, and what happens at each stage in the process.
Real Estate Deal Pipeline Management Software
Real Estate Deal Pipeline Management Software


Automated information flows keep everyone aligned with a single, shared source of information about deal status, outstanding tasks, and important upcoming events. With one click access to information, tailored for different stakeholders, everyone has the perspective they need to help get deals done. This feature is essential for both large institutional and small boutique real estate investors.

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