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What makes multi-family different 

Multi-family investors and developers have several unique considerations that they must keep in mind when underwriting deals. Factors such as location, demographics, building size and efficiency, unit mix, and unit size must be analyzed to determine the potential demand for the property, the income it can generate, and the expenses involved in maintaining it. 

During the diligence process, investors must look for key information that can impact the value and viability of the property, such as environmental site assessments, zoning regulations, and property condition reports. However, managing all of these internal tasks - in addition to coordinating multiple consultants and their tasks - can be overwhelming. 

This is where Origin comes in.

Origin for multi-family investors

Origin is a powerful software platform that can meet the specific needs of multi-family investors. With customizable workflows and team task tracking, Origin streamlines multi-family investing by allowing the user to capture and act upon the nuances unique to the industry. For example, investors can use Origin to manage critical stages such as Environmental Site Assessments, setting tasks as mandatory and tracking them to completion.

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Another key benefit of Origin is the ability to customize data fields, ensuring that the information captured is industry-specific. Users can tailor fields to include demographic data, amenities, building type (low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise), building efficiency, unit type, unit mix, and more.

With robust sorting, reporting, analysis, and execution capabilities, Origin provides investors with all the data points they need to make well-informed decisions. And the ability to create calculated fields, provides quick and easy access to key metrics such as Equity Multiple, IRR, LTV, Purchase Price per Unit, and Per Square Foot. 

Wrapping it all up 

The world of multi-family investing can be complex, with numerous factors that must be analyzed to determine the potential of a property. With so many tasks to manage (internal and external), investors can easily lose track of things. By streamlining workflows, tracking tasks, and providing access to customized data fields and key metrics, Origin empowers investors to make informed decisions and move deals forward more efficiently.