5 Ways Origin Can Help You Invest Better

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When we ask real estate investors what helps them close deals more effectively in competitive situations, we always get the same answers:

  • The ability to move quickly
  • The conviction to make a higher bid

In cases where you are competing against another investor with similar portfolio constraints, having a technology advantage that allows you to move quickly and confidently can give you a vital edge.

Our leading real estate investment software, Origin, can help you get ahead of your competition by:

1. Fully leveraging your information advantage: all of those things you have learned about assets and markets through your past underwriting or owned portfolio experience can give you a formidable advantage when competing for deals - but only if such information is readily available. 

Origin makes it easy to seamlessly aggregate real estate market insights from offering memos and underwriting models and use them to underwrite deals faster and with greater conviction.

2. Enabling you to screen deals quickly: our real estate deal management tool reduces the time it takes to screen a new opportunity by presenting you with the information you need to assess it in a fraction of the time you’d normally take; after all, quickly passing on wrong deals leaves you more time and focus to pursue the right ones!

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3. Keeping your investments on track: our deal management platform streamlines and enhances your processes, enabling your whole team to stay on top of all key transactional dates and tasks that need to be carefully coordinated with your colleagues and external partners.

4. Refining your processes from beginning to end: Origin allows you to quantify every facet of your investment processes so that you can clearly identify opportunities for refinement. 

With data captured in Origin, answering questions such as: “Which brokers/partners bring you the deals most likely to close?” or “What are the most common reasons deals drop out of the pipeline?”, can help your whole team work smarter and faster.

5. Making the most of your precious time: any time you spend on routine administrative tasks such as updating pipeline reports or coordinating with teammates is time you can’t spend sourcing, analyzing or negotiating transactions.

Origin fully automates reporting and team coordination, giving all of your team easy access to accurate up-to-date information on active opportunities, so you can save time and focus on staying ahead of the competition.

If you are focused on closing more good CRE investments, Origin is the software platform for you!

For more information or an informal discussion about how Origin can help you, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you get ahead!