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We are pleased to announce that Origin has been recognized by the Proptech Collective and Propel by MIPIM in this year’s Canadian Proptech Innovation Awards, winning for Best in Class: Data.

In the world of real estate investing and acquisitions, investors increasingly rely on in-depth data analysis. From faster, automated and more accurate data entry to sophisticated asset insights and deal analysis, the use of analytics platforms can lead to smarter investment decisions.

Altrio is a software company with a mission to transform real estate investing. Our award-winning software Origin tackles the problems around the volume of unstructured data deal teams receive each month and how that valuable data becomes difficult to retrieve or worse, is lost altogether. 

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To fully harness this proprietary market intelligence investors need the ability to transform unstructured data into a structured, easily searchable database and to be able to easily incorporate that data into their deal screening process. 

Origin by Altrio is a deal management platform that lets real estate deal teams screen and underwrite deals faster and more accurately using better data. It allows them to consolidate information from memos, brochures and emails without any manual data entry, creating a proprietary deal and asset database that can provide an edge in competitive situations.

 Our unique real estate data management capabilities are highly leveraged by our customers and were recognized as best in class by the Canadian Proptech Innovation Awards.