Managing Deal Counterparties

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When marketing a deal for sale or raising capital – either equity or debt – the real estate itself is just one factor in driving a successful outcome. Among all the moving parts, managing your relationship with potential counterparties (buyers, investors, or lenders) is crucial. That requires staying on top of, among other things:

    • Their investment /acquisition thesis and requirements

    • Latest touch points

    • Current engagements, including outstanding questions and issues

    • Previous interactions

Without a systematic approach to capturing and leveraging this data, relevant details can be overlooked, leading to poorly handled engagement and derailed transactions. 


Targeting the Wrong Investors, Lenders or Buyers: Information about investors, lenders and buyers is often stored in siloed spreadsheets and inboxes. When this information is not stored centrally or updated regularly, outdated and incomplete information may be used to market your deal and cause you to target the wrong audience.

Missed Follow Ups: Lacking a centralized platform to record Counterparty interactions means that relevant conversations, due diligence questions, and important follow up tasks are tracked in people's heads, inboxes, or sticky notes, making it all too easy to drop the ball and risk eroding trust with key stakeholders.

Failure to Capture Market Signals: Without a means to systematically track counterparty feedback, you can be slow to refine your strategies in light of shifting trends, resulting in poorly marketed deals and a lower rate of successful transactions.


Centralized Counterparty Management: Origin makes it easy to maintain up-to-date information about Companies and Contacts, ensuring you target the right investors, buyers and lenders on your deals. Once counterparties are added to the deal, you can track their engagement levels and status, quickly identifying those who are highly interested and move them through deal stages efficiently. 

Record Key Activities: By allowing you to record all counterparty interactions - including phone calls, emails, meetings and notes - Origin ensures that critical questions and follow ups are not lost in inboxes or sticky notes. This allows for timely responses, maintaining trust with key stakeholders and keeping deals on track. 

Gather Feedback Systematically: When a counterparty passes on a deal, Origin prompts you to record their reasons, such as location, sector, deal size, and more. This feedback is invaluable for updating your network’s preferences and targeting the right audience in future deals, driving better engagement and improving your chances of closing successful transactions. 


By using Deal Counterparties in Origin, CRE professionals can ensure to target the right audience, handle them with care by addressing questions and concerns in a timely manner, and consistently build on market intelligence by seamlessly collecting feedback from counterparties. All of this leads to better managed deals and more successful transactions. 

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