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Altrio, a leading provider of software to real estate investors and managers, celebrated its third anniversary in Q1 2023, following a year of rapid growth and major milestones.

Now serving three of the four largest real estate investors in the world (by AUM), Altrio has, in three short years, gained widespread adoption by innovative investment teams around the world, with active users on five continents, investing across all asset classes and strategies.

Altrio was founded in Q1 2020. Origin, its first product, was launched in Q3 2020. Origin helps real estate investors streamline their investment process by automating reporting and task tracking, while also giving them unprecedented access to their proprietary market knowledge so they can make winning investment decisions based on insights their competitors lack.

The company raised a seed round of financing in mid 2021 and a Series A in early 2022. In the eighteen months following the seed round, the company grew revenue by more than 600% and customers by over 700%. The company also quadrupled the size of its team, made strategic leadership hires, and continues to build and deliver on an ambitious, customer-centric product roadmap.  

Origin is used by many of the world’s most respected real estate investors, including Brookfield Properties, PGIM Real Estate, Hines, Quadreal, Goodman, TA Realty and Kennedy Wilson – and many other investment firms ranging from global institutions to local boutique investors.

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In the past year, Origin’s users benefited from several meaningful product enhancements, including:

Expanded Data Extraction: The information extracted and normalized from source documents by the Altrio Data Service was significantly expanded and now includes not only deal and asset data, but leases, unit mixes, sales and rent comps, and more. Origin’s users can now warehouse and mine even more valuable pipeline and market data without manual data entry.

Automated Deal Ingest: Origin's e-mail-based deal ingestion now provides users with the ability to automatically add deals to their pipeline and set default data values, team members and settings, making deal sourcing and pipeline updates even more effortless.

Underwriting Model Integration: Improvements to Origin’s model integration means that users can now update every aspect of their active deals – from underwriting assumptions and returns, to sources and uses, cash flow projections and much more – simply by dragging and dropping their latest underwriting model.

Comparables Database: In addition to tagging sales comparables against active deals, users can now also tag lease and unit comps – and generate exportable side-by-side comparisons or summary reports to support their investment case, saving analysts from hours spent painstakingly searching for and organizing market comparables.

Configurable Overviews: Whether they need to produce one-page deal summaries for executives or multi-page screening memos complete with charts, maps, tables and formatted text commentary, Origin’s users can now configure rich, pixel-perfect, exportable overviews of deals or assets directly in Origin, without the need to export and format information in Word or PowerPoint.

Public APIs: With the recent release of Origin’s public APIs, it’s never been easier to get access to the trove of data aggregated within Origin for use within corporate data warehouses, downstream applications, or analytics tools like Power BI or Tableau.

“With a rapidly-growing user base, robust funding, a world class team and an ambitious product roadmap, Altrio is poised to fulfill its vision of bringing the global real estate capital markets online” said Altrio CEO Raj Singh.

About Altrio

Altrio is a leading provider of software and data solutions to the global real estate investment and lending industries. The company’s data-driven deal management platform, Origin, helps investors and lenders of all sizes harness proprietary and market data, along with process automation, to build winning portfolios. Altrio was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit