2022 in Review: Origin Product Updates

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At Altrio, we are committed to making your investment process as efficient as possible. In the past year, we focused on enhancing collaboration, automating routine tasks, and making it easier to leverage your proprietary data

In 2022, we improved:

How teams present deals to decision-makers: One the most important steps in the acquisition process is getting internal approval to bid. Although every company has a slightly different process, the need to aggregate and clearly present key asset information and return metrics is common across deal teams. With Origin’s new Deal Overview feature, it’s easy for teams to create customizable one-pagers that summarize key data points in a concise, sharable format.

altrio origin deal overview feature update

How teams compare deals:  Whether your acquisition team needs to compare sales comps against the acquisition you are considering or create an NOI bridge detailing how your projected cash flows have changed from broker valuation to your final underwriting model, Origin's new Comparison Views offer an easy-to-use analysis tool. 

It’s now simpler than ever to review data side-by-side in order to streamline decision-making – and you can efficiently configure layouts and share comparative analyses as Excel exports.

altrio origin deal comparison feature update

How teams collaborate and share deal flow: Origin’s new Shared Deal Inbox allows teams to easily share deal flow from brokers and partners. Inbox Preferences allow users to automatically apply settings and default data values for new deals, which makes adding a deal to your pipeline as easy as forwarding an email.

altrio origin shared deal inbox feature update

These product updates – and many others – helped Altrio’s customers move faster, collaborate more easily and invest with greater conviction in 2022. We have many more exciting developments planned for 2023 as we continue to push the boundaries of automation and data-driven decision making in real estate investing.

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