introducing markets

A better way to organize and access your market intelligence in Origin.

Markets make finding, analyzing, and sharing all of your market insights faster, easier and more intuitive.

You can create markets (for example, “Florida Residential”) to bring together sale, lease and cost comps – as well as underwriting assumptions, documents and notes related to a market – and present that data in tables, charts and maps. Harnessing your data advantage has never been simpler.
Define markets based on any property attribute in the system, such as city, state, metro, sector or size.
Create market Overviews combining charts, tables, maps and images to summarize deal, asset, lease, unit mix, and expense data on a single page, giving you a holistic view of each market.
Upload, store and organize important information about each market, such as broker reports and demographic information. Track activities that occurred in relation to a market, including phone calls, emails, meetings and notes.
We power many of the world’s leading real estate investors, who leverage Origin’s automated data ingestion and powerful analytics to screen and underwrite hundreds of opportunities every week.
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