A better way to manage internal and external debt and equity raising in Origin.

Deal Counterparties

Deal Counterparties allow you to track the parties on the opposite side of a transaction. Whether you are a seller tracking potential buyers or an owner tracking lenders and investors, you can add counterparty Companies to deals and systematically track their status, interest levels, and progression through specific transaction stages.
Key Benefits:
Use Origin’s built-in CRM to easily add potential investors and lenders to acquisition deals and buyers to divestment deals, ensuring all relevant parties are tracked seamlessly.
Monitor counterparty status and level of interest, gaining key insights into their engagement with each deal. Track feedback if they pass, helping you understand their preferences and better market future deals.
Quickly record activities such as meetings, calls, and emails, providing unbeatable context into the conversations with these key stakeholders.
Build a robust database of your clients and partners, detailing their involvement in each deal. Track key data points such as bid amounts, allocation requests, and the latest stage, whether they participated as potential buyers, investors, or lenders.

Fund Allocations

Fund Allocations enable Deal Team members to open their deals to investment from Portfolio Managers. They can efficiently notify Portfolio Managers when a deal is raising capital, and then review and grant requests as they come in. This not only facilitates an efficient capital raising process but also ensures that each Portfolio has the opportunity to invest in newly sourced deals.
Key Benefits:
Notify and share deal details with fund managers online and via email, ensuring they are promptly informed about new opportunities. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows for timely responses and decisions.
Manage allocation requests and grants within Origin, centralizing the process to make tracking and handling allocations easier. This reduces administrative burden and ensures that all steps are recorded and monitored in one place.
Ensure your fund allocation process adheres to your firm's policies, while maintaining a detailed audit trail with robust reporting features to track and review all allocation activities.
We power many of the world’s leading real estate investors, who leverage Origin’s automated data ingestion and powerful analytics to screen and underwrite hundreds of opportunities every week.

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